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Yes, we can do better! We know that our project, though difficult and time-consuming, is not impossible.

Our inspiration and model is Magdalene and Thistle Farms in Nashville, Tennessee, founded by Rev. Becca Stevens.
Four remarkable features make Magdalene a worthy example to emulate:

  • solid grounding in principles of truth and grace and service and forgiveness;
  • practical, hands-on therapeutic commercial activities in the on-site facility on Charlotte Pike in West Nashville;
  • deliberate and consistent cultivation of a community ethic built on mutual trust among the residents and the alumnae; and
  • good, strong women who return to help the newcomers through the two-year process.

We can do this!


From The Grand Rapids Press  and The Huffington Post:

Twin brothers convicted of brutal beating of a prostitute.

As originally reported in The Grand Rapids Press in May, 2014, two young men chose to savage the woman rather than pay her. Michael Versluys pled "no contest" on 29 September 2015 in Kent County Circuit Court to assault with intent to do great bodily harm, armed robbery, and second degree criminal sexual conduct. His brother, Peter Versluys, was convicted on a plea and sentenced in July 2014. The woman (unnamed in the article) required extensive surgery to repair her face.

The article reports that she was 33 years old at the time of the incident.
Ask yourself:   Is that any kind of life for an adult woman?

In 2002, the Prostitution Round Table in Grand Rapids, funded by the Nokomis Foundation, published its Final Report.
It made recommendations for a systematic, intensive and extensive long-term effort dedicated to relieve the
distress of prostituted women.
Now, fifteen years later,
those recommendations
are yet to be implemented.
The report was titled, "We Can Do Better."

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