for Our Sisters - with Our Sisters
among Our Sisters - by Our Sisters

Let your friends in on the secret!
Visit our Meetup page for our next meeting date.
Bring your activist friends.
There are activities to which you may be attracted, including representing Our Sisters to other organizations serving prostituted, addicted, and trafficked women in West Michigan.

If yes, please call Vince Schumacher (616) 448 8810.



OUR SISTERS has a want-list of essentials to acquire BEFORE we can begin to offer services to prostituted, addicted, and trafficked women. See the ESSENTIALS PAGE.

One of the essentials is REAL ESTATE.
SOMEWHERE in the Grand Rapids area there is certainly a house that will be suitable for our use. OUR SISTERS will require a place with three or four bedrooms and two baths, a roomy kitchen, and a yard big enough for a garden. It will be close to a bus line. It will be visible from the street, but not prominent.

Once we have acquired the house, we will be looking for volunteers to help remodel it and furnish it and make it homey.
Do you know of such a house? Is it for sale?
Is it in a neighborhood that is neither too wealthy
nor too run-down, but just right?

Are you looking for a residential rehab project as a charitable activity?
Can you bring a few more motivated people with you?

        Tell us about it!


Can you find a few people between now and the beginning of summer who know about human trafficking and who can help OUR SISTERS assist a courageous woman to leave
"the life" of abuse and pain and rejection?


Contact us any time:

Vince Schumacher  (616) 448 8810
Grand Rapids, MI  49516-8663