for Our Sisters - with Our Sisters
among Our Sisters - by Our Sisters

OUR SISTERS will provide intensive and comprehensive services, including psychological help and therapy, medical and dental care, and employment training, for adult victims of sex trafficking.

The services are to be provided without cost in two years of residence (long enough to allow real healing and a start toward realization of life's potential).
Although numerous rehabilitation and counseling services can be found in West Michigan, no one has consistently focused on this population and the particular and extensive needs of women who attempt to escape a history of addiction and prostitution, criminalization, and shame.
We are seeking energetic volunteers who will help us.
Refer to the page ESSENTIALSto learn more.

OUR SISTERS is in the accumulation stage, raising the funds to pay for and to renovate our first residence and to build up assets to provide the necessary services indefinitely. That goal is to be accomplished by mid-summer, 2018. Within six years, we want to be able to serve up to twelve residents.
We will follow the pattern established by Magdalene/Thistle Farms in Nashville, Tennessee. We will rely upon the generosity of the good people of West Michigan responding to a message of unconditional, inclusive love.
Our Sisters is not sectarian, but we necessarily rely on the Holy Spirit and Christian motivation with deliberate and thoughtful and loving attention to detail and to individual lives.
We must be ready to take each woman as she comes to us,
without engaging in proselytizing or
censorious judgment.

We must never make promises that we cannot keep.


Founded in October, 2013, as a Michigan non-profit corporation, OUR SISTERS has been seeking partners and support for its stated corporate purpose:
To provide shelter, training, counseling, and support to women who choose to remove themselves from prostitution and addiction.

After years of being bought and sold,
betrayed and discarded,
where is a woman to go?


Contact us any time:

Vince Schumacher  (616) 448 8810
Grand Rapids, MI  49516-8663