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Vince Schumacher  (616) 448 8810
Grand Rapids, MI  49516-8663

Ms Belles's message:

Human trafficking is not just a serious and growing criminal-justice issue: It is a human tragedy, justly called modern slavery. The culture that accepts the use of vulnerable humans as commodities must be changed.
Until then, our responsibility to our fellows is to let them know that there is an alternative. For women trapped in prostitution, Nita says -- They need to know that someone sees them. You and I may give a woman hope. Share a smile. Recognize the value of every human being.

Nita Belles
West Michigan

Nita Belles visited West Michigan early in May.
Nita spoke to men and women, academics, professionals, concerned citizens, and friends of the anti-trafficking movement.

NOTICE: Our error! Some of our recently revised brochures have been distributed with the wrong telephone number. Our Sisters' correct number is (616) 448 8810.

So, Our Sisters will offer a woman a choice and a chance to start a real life, without judgment and shame and fear.

With your help, we can say to a courageous woman: Come and remake your life. You are more than that object of scorn that you have been told you are.

You are a valued child of God, and you need not live a lie. Share the truth!

Do you know a few people who can be relied upon to take action when shown a way to make a difference and to change a few lives? A few friends who would want to help a woman in chronic distress?
TELL THEM about this opportunity.
Come sit around a conference table with us. OUR SISTERS is looking for a few real people who will not only listen and sympathize, but who will take the challenge seriously.