Nita Belles, who visited Grand Rapids in May, 2017, has a message she wants us to deliver to the world . . . and to any woman trapped in prostitution --

You are recognized. You are valued.
You can change things.

Here is the project:

Between now and Art Prize [20 September - 8 October 2017], Our Sisters is contacting proprietors of local businesses and asking permission to post FREEDOM STICKERS in their premises.
FREEDOM STICKERS are made available to us by
In Our Backyard, the Oregon non-profit organization founded by Nita Belles. CLICK HERE to see the sample sticker on the
In Our Backyard website.

SO . . .
Get a few friends together and call us.
Let us know that you want to be a part of West Michigan's anti-human-trafficking movement. We will meet with you at your convenience and plan with you the best way to place these messages where they will be seen.

Call (616) 448 8810 or reach out to

Our "Freedom Sticker" Project

for ArtPrize

Don't overlook the similar project undertaken by WAR International, of Wyoming, Michigan! WAR [Women at Risk] invites you to its boutique and offices at 2790 44th Street SE on Saturday, 9 September, to wrap bars of soap in special wrappers carrying the Polaris National Human Trafficking Hotline number [888 373 7888] in the morning and to deliver them to selected area motels and hotels in the afternoon.  Contact WAR International through THIS LINK.

for Our Sisters - with Our Sisters
among Our Sisters - by Our Sisters

Contact us any time:

Vince Schumacher  (616) 448 8810
Grand Rapids, MI  49516-8663