• to build and maintain an attractive and meaningful website (www.oursisters.org) for a virtual presence in West Michigan;

  • to develop and retain a respected public persona and a reputation of trustworthiness;

  • to build connections with local businesses, faith communities, and other civic organizations;

  • to develop working relationships with local health and social service agencies and authorities;

  • to develop and implement all practical means to bring transformation and hope and health to the women, and

  • to solicit and assemble funds, to be deposited with a trusted depository pending purchase of a house and to locate, purchase, and renovate a suitable house.

What will it take? People like you and people you know.

for Our Sisters - with Our Sisters
among Our Sisters - by Our Sisters

Contact us any time:

Vince Schumacher  (616) 448 8810
Grand Rapids, MI  49516-8663


OUR SISTERS KNOWS that many resources are required to make a project such as ours successful.
Hence, we are seeking energetic volunteers who will help us . . .