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among Our Sisters - by Our Sisters

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    Human trafficking is a fact of life throughout the world.
West Michigan is not exempt.
Human trafficking (basically, the exploitation of another for profit) is manifested in many ways. One way is through prostitution of women.

A prostituted woman is likely to find herself trapped in addiction.

‚Äč     In many cities in the United States, communities are working to help prostituted and addicted women escape their enslavement. 
OUR SISTERS will be the one in West Michigan -- a true community of colleagues and peers. The residents will be responsible for each other and will learn to trust one another.

With your help, OUR SISTERS will create a healing society for the women who are victims of human trafficking in the greater Grand Rapids area.

Our Story

OUR SISTERS is modeled on Magdalene/Thistle Farms of Nashville, Tennessee.
Magdalene was founded in 1998 by Reverend Becca Stevens, and has been a source of healing grace in Middle Tennessee and an inspiration in the rest of the country ever since.
A book published by Magdalene/Thistle Farms serves as a guide to life together. It is Find Your Way Home: Words from the Street, Wisdom from the Heart (Abingdon Press, 2008), based on the traditional Rule of Benedict.
Women are welcomed to Magdalene and are surrounded with LOVE and TRUST.
They are given a key to their new home, and an opportunity to create a new life in the company of other women just like them.

We know this to be TRUE: LOVE is the most powerful force in creation. If the good citizens of Nashville can sustain the healing community, so can the citizens of Grand Rapids.