OUR SISTERS is a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations to OUR SISTERS are eligible for deduction from the donor's taxable income.
(Best advice: talk to your tax advisor.)

The Sixth Annual Meeting, 13 May 2021, is set to make some significant changes in the mission of OUR SISTERS.
Our VALUES will not change!

for Our Sisters - with Our Sisters
among Our Sisters - by Our Sisters

Contact us any time:

Vince Schumacher, Secretary
  (616) 448 8810
Our Sisters Network 4 REAL Community

Our Sisters!


Our Sisters, a community of people of faith,
shelters, heals, and empowers courageous adult women surviving prostitution and addiction and trafficking.
We will provide independent living and life-skill training in a home of mutual trust and love.

We serve, affirming that all of us are God's children and deserve dignity, respect, mutual trust, and love.

Please join us through our Meet Up site, where you will find our current schedule of meetings and other activities and also many of our documents.
We use Meet Up to advise members of our events and activities.