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The Vision of Our Sisters is to build in Grand Rapids an ethical healing community for women who have been abused, addicted, betrayed and trafficked. It is critical to be able to successfully rehabilitate each woman who passes through our doors so that she may become whole once more. 


Our Sisters is committed to opening a residence by the summer of 2018 in which a victimized woman can begin her healing through God's grace to best understand His love. The women of Our Sisters will become proud and productive members of society. 

If a woman is strong enough and brave enough to attempt to escape "the life," she will need strong and brave and resourceful and trustworthy people like you to help her.

​Now, there is work to be done!  Come join us! 
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Phone: (616) 448-8810

E-mail: vps@oursisters.org

We encourage you to visit our Meet Up site, where you will find our current schedule of meetings and other activities and also many of our documents.
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